Custom ActMask Virtual Printer SDK

We provide services for customizing printer name, printer comment, DPI setting, installation message, more and more! After purchasing, you'll get full version of ActMask Universe Virtual Printer SDK, and there's no shortcut, no limitation, no message box about our company. If you have further questions, please contact us at
Custom Virtual Printer Name
Q: How to rename printer name? I want to show more information such as copyright, brand name and company name in the printer dialog box, how should I do?

A: The printer name is hard-coded. If you would like to rename it and show more information in the printer dialog box, please enable and submit "custom printer name and comment" option while ordering.

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Installation Message
Q: We would like to show message while installing your ActMask Universe Virtual Printer Driver, show our copyright information, our brand name, our company name and let end customer knows how to use our application, do you provide this feature?

A: Yes! We provide this very useful feature and the message will be sent to every client on Windows Terminal Server (Remote Desktop) !
To custom it, just enable and submit "custom installation message" option while ordering.

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