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How it works

ActMask HTTP Sniffer CE integrates with Internet Explorer to provide HTTP communication monitoring, without the need for separately configured proxies or network sniffers. It catches all HTTP communication data between Internet Explorer browser and web sites, display HTTP requests in log.

It's easy to use, what you should do is to click the Record button, then visit web site with IE browser just as you did usually, now you'll see ActMask HTTP Sniffer showes url address of every file downloaded. Then simply copy the address of the file you want and download with IE browser or other download tools.

Find file in log

To quickly go to the item you want, simply enter keyword such as .mp3 in search edit box, then click Find button. OK, the item will be selected if the file exists in log. Click FindNext button, it will show next item if there are more results.

Get Flv file on YouTube.com
Have trouble to save Flv file? Visit the web page of YouTube.com, play video you want, OK, now you can stop it and enter get_video in search edit box of ActMask HTTP Sniffer, click Find button to get video url. Download it and append .flv filename extension.

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