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Please choose features you want: Price
1. Windows system supported  
Win2K/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/2008/10/11/2012 R1 R2 32 and 64 bit $1749
Win2016/2019 $1295
1. Call your app through command line.
    1.1. System constants and additional parameters are supported *.
    1.2. Prohibit the third party from using SDK you owned.
2. Send message to your app.
3. Copy path of INI file into Clipboard and notify your app.
4. All features above support Delay-Loading property. *
5. Provide Pre-Processing and Event Dispatch features, it allows you to dynamically specify output format / file name, change SDK settings, cancel job or do something else before converting print job *
6. Allow you to specify output file name with DOCINFO struct when printing *

[ *: ActMask's Unique function ]

2. Output Format  
00) Allow you to render pages on one piece of PDF document created. *
[ *: ActMask's Unique function ]  
01) PDF format $0
Features (PDF):
Color space: RGB / Gray
Support Encrypted PDF document, embedded Unicode Font
Searchable PDF, Image PDF
Allows you to specify pages per sheet

0101) PDF Embedded Font Support for EMF files printed from Adobe PDF Reader $595
0102) Add PDF CheckBox / EditBox Field into PDF output $495
0103) PDF signature feature $695
3. Advanced Features
[?] Watermark $595
[?] Zip compression and encryption $395
[?] FTP uploading + Socks Proxy $195
[?] HTTP uploading + Socks Proxy $195
[?] HTTPS uploading $195
[?] Pipe Distribution $295
[?] Print job redirection $895
[?] Support Citrix MetaFrame, Citrix Presentation Server, Citrix XenApp, Citrix Published App, MS RemoteApp reach sales@all2pdf.com by business email
[?] Support Quicken, QuickBooks, SAP * - 7. Designed for Win2K / XP / 2003 / Vista / 7 32 bit desktop environment * reach sales@all2pdf.com by business email
[ *: ActMask's Unique function ]  
[?] Provide PagesPerSide parameter * $345
[ *: ActMask's Unique function ]  
Install both 32 and 64 bit drivers on the same computer. Support network printing (print job sent from 32 and / or 64 bit clients) $345
[ *: ActMask's Unique function ]  
4. Advanced Command Line Tools  
[?]SPL created by ActMask SDK to outputs selected $1285
[?] Html to formats you selected $395
[?] EMF to formats you selected (PrintFile.exe) $395
[?] Print PDF through Adobe PDF reader, hide GUI, support password and pages range $395
[?] Merge PDF files into single PDF file $395
5. Custom Printer Name, Printer Comment and Installation message  
Custom printer name and printer comment [?]

Custom Printer name
Please select this option before entering printer name. "ActMask Virtual Printer" will be applied if you do not select this order option.

Customized printer name:

Customized printer comment:


Custom installation notification message [?]

Custom Installation Message
Please select this option before entering installation message.

Customized installation message:


Support : * [?] Standard Support (First 3 months): $0
  Standard Support (First 6 months)
  Standard Support (First 12 months)
Annual Maintenance (First 12 months)
Buy from : Fastspring.com
Amount :
* License Type: Development License, please read Development License Agreement for more information.
* You can integrate SDK into your application and distribute it with your own application royalty free.
* Please enable JavaScript.

Standard Support:
1. Provide product support based on order options purchased, 5 Days per Week, by Email (support@all2pdf.com).
2. Technical assistance for the purpose of understanding how to use software.
3. Fix bugs free of charge in the term.

Annual Maintenance:
It is OPTIONAL. However, the majority of our customers choose this option because of the compelling benefits it provides at a low cost.
1. Priority Product Support, 5 Days per Week, by Email (support@all2pdf.com).
2. Annual Maintenance Plan has a term of 12 months after purchasing.
3. Analyse problematic files or other troubleshooting activities.
4. Fix bugs with high priority in the term.
5. Provide free major upgrades for order options you owned.

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ActMask PDF Virtual Printer SDK
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